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An Update on Game Security and Player Reporting in Guild Wars 2

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  • ArenaNet Staff

We have seen and heard a lot of discussion recently about game security and enforcement, and we want to address a few topics that we’ve broadly been seeing from the community. We fully recognize the concerns about players hacking and botting in GW2, and we want to reiterate how we address those issues and maintain a positive game experience for players. While we can’t get into exact specifics around our reporting and security processes since that would jeopardize their effectiveness, we hope to clarify a few misunderstandings of how we steward the game.

Every report of hacking and cheating is seen and reviewed by a member of our Guild Wars 2 Operations Team. Security is an ongoing process, especially as systems change over time, and we will be introducing further improvements to make it easier to report, identify and action cheaters over the next few months. Because a reactive approach on its own is not enough, our development teams are also working on solutions to prevent and mitigate these hacks on the code level. We hope to be able to share the result of these efforts as they progress.

If you suspect you’ve found evidence of this behavior and want to report it, please use one of the two methods outlined here. The support ticket option is helpful if you need to include additional context or information.

For privacy reasons, we can’t discuss individual accounts with anyone other than the account owner. That means we can’t disclose the outcome of your report. We believe in giving every player an opportunity to correct their behavior and become a positive part of the Guild Wars 2 community. Suspensions (temporary) and bans (permanent) are different actions; we only ban accounts for severe infractions or repeated offenses.

Account security is the most important way to help us prevent cheaters. Good habits on your end will make sure your account isn’t compromised and used for these purposes. This means not using the same password for your Guild Wars 2 account and others services, like email. You should also turn on two-factor authentication. We use a number of measures on our side to help keep your account secure, but you can also help reinforce security with your own efforts. If you haven’t already implemented our recommended security measures, please do so.

The effort is ongoing and we appreciate your continued help and patience. Keep those reports coming!

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