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[UK/EU] [Mostly PvE, LGBTQ+ Guild] Wanderers' Haven [WAHA] - Recruitment paused

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About Us

Wanderers’ Haven is a Guild Wars 2 guild based in the EU, with the primary aim of creating a safe, relaxed and friendly space for LGBTQ+ players and allies to come together, socialise, take part in group activities, and seek/share advice; a space where everyone is treated with respect and feel they can be themselves.


Current Members and Our Recruitment Plans

Our recruitment is currently paused whilst we restructure, but we will be back.

Edited by Woodland Guardian.9320
Update to guild recruitment messaging. Currently paused.
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@"SephirothUSA.8370" said:Hi! I'd love to join your guild please. :) Been playing everyday now.

IGN: SephirothUSA.8370Husband's IGN: MJHawke.5309

Thanks :)

Hey there SephirothUSA.8370,If you could please join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/KcgZzSZwWr, I will begin the process to add you both into the guild :smile:. There are a few questions and stuff I would like to ask you over on Discord first if that is okay?Quick question first, did you notice that we are a UK/EU based guild? I noticed that your name includes "USA", so just wanted to note on the differences in timezones if you are based there, and if you playing on US servers we might have trouble meeting up in-game.

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  • Woodland Guardian.9320 changed the title to [UK/EU] [Mostly PvE, LGBTQ+ Guild] Wanderers' Haven [WAHA] - Recruitment paused

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