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[EU][Raid] Raid thing™ static is looking for more players!


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Are you on an EU server?Do you want to raid in a fun and friendly environment?Do you have some solid experience but crave more?Do you want to form a core of a dedicated raiding group?If yes to the above, then keep reading!

Who are we? Raid thing is a semi-professionally-relaxed raiding static. This means that we are a group of players committed to killing raid bosses and successfully clearing wings but generally relaxed and open to new ideas. There is a degree of seriousness in the group; while we try to have fun and can laugh at clown fiestas, we aim to improve and get better.

When do we raid? We currently have scheduled two 2-3 hour raid days: Monday, Tuesday at 20:CET, the main objective is to clear all raid wings.

What do we need? We are looking for 5 players. Druid main. We also need 4 big dps players (ability to play mirage or condi chrono for largos/sh is welcome), that are also capable of doing some of the following: QtP pylon kiter, Qadim solo kite, SH epi, Qadim sololamp, boon daredevil.

Requirements to join. The amount of LI/kp is not important as long are you are able to successfully do the mechanics required to complete the raid encounter.

How to apply? If you are interested in raiding with us or need some additional info message me on discord Anomaly#0286 or ingame Anomaly.6328.

If you have read this far, thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you!

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