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Lag in Divinity's Reach (Wintersday)

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I do not know if this is only now - because of Wintersday and many people playing. (Though it is the last day and in the previous days I did not have this problem.)

In Divinity's Reach a lot of players report high ping (300 ms) ... though a few reported lower ping (around 90). The main problem though is: Actions like mounting/unmounting and picking up gifts from trees or building snowmen ... takes literally a few seconds. (5-10 or so).

For me an indication that it must be the server (high load maybe). Since I did not have problems on other maps it should not be a routing problem. (Routing problem: Then with huge delays the ping even would be higher reflecting this ... like 2000-3000 ms like with some problems back in 2012/13 where some ISP had problems with routing.)

If the delay is much longer than the ping ... the server must still deliver some data much quicker ... and take longer (cause of high load?) for other stuff where he needs to calculate it first. is IP of this instance. (Might affect other maps/instances on the server with this IP. If there are others.) Maybe it will fix itself with the time. Maybe it is because ArenaNet still is on Xmas/NewYear's holidays. (And no one keeping an eye on the servers to restart.) I still wanted to report it.

Edit: Also the race was "fun". Was possible to do it normally ... just the circles got updated with delay (still running to the next one was the best to do; previous ones would update with delay). At the end I did it in 20 seconds lol. First time I have a number next to me on lifetime tab. So the tim calculation was affected by lag as well.

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Yeah. The instanced stuff seemed to work fine - after joining bell choir. (Seems to use IPs starting with 18.x.x.x.) After that I went back to DR and was in another instance (starting with 52.x.x.x.x. but another one as the one above mentioned) and there it was without lag as well. Must be only that server with that IP.

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I just came from a very very laggy instance (didnt get the ip sorry) and thought i would do the old log out log back in to get a new instance thing.......bad idea. I can now log to character select but every time i try to load a character it hangs at loading screen then kicks me out with the check your connection message - my internet is fine, its only the game affected.Tried a couple of characters so far - my thief which was in Divinities Reach and another thats not in divinitys reach and neither character will progress to loading the game

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