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[NA][WvW] | [TKx] WvW Zerg-breaking | NA/Late NA - Weekends | Recruiting ambitious players


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[TKx] is a close-knit, long-standing, WvW guild focused on zerg-breaking.
We like to fight.
Recruiting veteran, new, and returning players who possess ambition and a team-first mentality. 
Server: Crystal Desert
Rally Schedule:
TKx is home to players from all over the world. We have a lot of Oceanic players, so rally times are listed in US-EST and Australian-EST. Below are our scheduled rally times:
Fri/Sat/Sun: @ 9pm US-EST. That is Sat/Sun/Mon @ 11am Aus-EST.
- On Friday and Saturday, we rally for 4 - 7 hours, depending on the content. On Sunday we rally for 2 - 3 hours.
- Everyone cannot sit and play for 7 hours straight; we understand that and by no means expect that.  
- Showing up late and leaving early is fine. Real life comes first. We are happy to have you along for a couple of hours or all night long!
Attendance Policy: Real life comes first, make it if you can. If you are online in game during rally time, you are required to be at that rally.
Weekdays: During the workweek we are primarily active from 8pm - 1am US-EST. That is 10am - 3pm Aus-EST. We have no scheduled rallies during the week.
What do we look for in potential recruits?
- Age 21+
- A working microphone & Discord
- Good communication skills
- Bring a team-first mentality
- Run guild character builds verbatim
- Be able to record/share gameplay footage
- Be open to individual constructive criticism
- Always be looking for ways to improve your gameplay
- Never misrepresent TKx (vocally or by text chat)
For more information, please join TKx Discord and read the #about-TKx channel: 
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