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It's been over 2 years can you fix the broken skritt escort in sand swept isles?

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It's been over two years and it's been reported on theses forums more then once, and even had a dev respond to a thread about it. Yet some how an event tied to multiple achievements on the map. is STILL broken. PLEASE PLEASE someone fix the Escort Subject S to safety event. He will get bugged and stop movie close to the door in the middle of the event and never complete.

Here is a screenshot to show you.

He has been standing here for over 10 hours because the map is active enough to always have people in it but not active enough to ever proc a new instances apparently.

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Also as a suggestion if you guys cant figure out how to fix this or something that has stopped you from fixing it for all these years maybe just have two veterans spawn near by that can be pulled over to him so they kill him? I've tried so hard to kite things over to him but nothing is close enough to make it to him.

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