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A Grisly Shipment

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This entire personal story mission is awful and I feel like anyone who doesn't know about it and chooses it over Ossuary of the Unquiet Dead is screwed and unable to progress. It is a known bug that accidentally falling off the stairs on the ship gets your avatar stuck behind a wall, unable to progress and having to restart. It is a known bug that Researcher Maeva becomes non interactable and stops giving you ghostfire to place around to advance the mission and having to restart. Last night, BOTH of those things happened, and my partner and I literally had to quit the game after a couple of resets because it became impossible, due to these bugs, to complete the story. I also noticed a new bug: if you play with someone else, the story can bug out and the player's avatar that is not the owner of the instance can appear in the cutscenes and the NPCs follow and require direction from the person that is not the owner of the instance, even if that person already completed their personal story. This sabotages the owner of the instance's personal story. Please fix these bugs that have been out for a few years. This game came out in 2012 and I think it is a little unacceptable at this point to still have these bugs in the game when they have been known for so long. Some players like to go back and complete old content, but for those that are new to the game it can put them off wanting to play altogether when they come across such gamebreaking bugs, especially if they've been doing the same mission over and over and still unable to finish due to no fault of their own.

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           I was allowed to complete it today on my Human toon.


"Talking to Maeva to get the charges:

Pact Researcher Maeva: The ghostfire charges are prepped and ready, Commander. We'll need four of them to do the job. I'm standing by to hand them over.
https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/5/5a/Talk_quest_option_tango.png I'll take one now.
https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f5/Talk_end_option_tango.png I'm not ready yet. "
so that part above, i was able to get two charges, but then i had to go kill some stuff so when i came back to get the rest of the charges, Maeva wouldn't stop "pacing, swimming back and forth between the opening to the hull"
i thought that was it, but after waiting a bit it destroyed the ship with those two charges , the white ghost fire appeared, then it continued on.
I also noticed when i clicked on the wrong toon, a menu like that of the list you get when clicking on a Vendor. The Karma triangle appeared momentarily.
i had previously completed it just days before on another toon, Norn, with no bugs whatsoever.
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