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[Suggestion] Skill Build Save Slots


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I'm not sure if this is a thing or if it's already a feature in the game, but could we get the ability to save up to 2-3 builds for our characters? I really like playing Scourge but for some fights and or situations I like to use a reaper/petmancer hybrid and it gets to be a pain going back and forth, manually putting the builds back together.

Also if this is already a thing in the game, could someone tell me where to find the option?

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@"Beorn Raukar.4328" said:It is sadly not a thing yet, even tho ANET has said it is something they would like to implement. However, if you feel so inclined, ArcDPS has a feature that saves and loads builds including gear, traits and skills. That is a third party addon fully compliant with ANET terms of service.I copied this from a different thread and I'll uise it to piggy-back on Beorn's post:

ArcDPS has been updated to support build templates. ArenaNet hasn't made any movement on this issue in years so some in the community provided a solution. With the community stepping in ArenaNet can continue working on other things. Now it's up to you to use what's available rather than asking for something that not everyone needs. (For what it's worth, I want templates, too, but I know not everyone in the community wants them or realizes the need for them. You have to think, "What's the return on the effort?")

https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/704oem/build_templates_actual_release/That link is the announcement of the plugin and ArenaNet's blessing of it. Since an ArenaNet developer was communicating with the plugin developer, I suspect there isn't much hope for an official UI in the near future.


More important links:Installing ArcDPS: https://www.vialofsalt.com/threads/installing-arcdps-tutorial-personal-dps-meter.8031/BuildTemplate Readme: https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/x64/buildtemplates/README.txtBuildTemplate DLL for ArcDPS: https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/x64/buildtemplates/d3d9_arcdps_buildtemplates.dll

PS: Try searching the forum for this topic. It's been brought up dozens of times already. ;)

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