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New Halloween Decorations


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For those that dabble in guild decoration, I was excited to see some sort of Halloween furniture come out this year. Suffice it to say I was disappointed in the lack of new and cool decorations. I was hoping for interesting gravestones, Halloween mystery doors, and the like. All spread around Lions Arch are multitudes of potential decorations that already have assets made. (Pumpkin Tree in Lions Court, piles of candycorn, candycorn wagon, etc) Anyways I'm gonna get to my point...

The new tables and chairs are quite a nice addition. However I hesitate to say they're quite expensive for a small time decorator like myself to dabble with. Understandably decorations are designed to have a whole guild fund, but it never seems to be the case with the majority of decorations I work with. Aside from the price, what really irks me is that you can't actually stand on the tables. There's an invisible cone or sphere above which makes you slide off. This could be a factor of the table animation that never gotten take of care of during creation. But several people that have seen the tables and chairs really want to be able to stand on them. Hovering 10 feet above it on a pinpoint just doesn't seem right. If it's possible, i'd like to ask them to at least see if they could make it possible to stand on these decorations like all the others.

It would be amazing to make a haunted Jumping Puzzle out of these decorations, but with the limitation of not being able to stand on it, I doubt this would be able to happen.

Tl,DR: Please allow us to stand on the new decorations instead of hovering about 10 feet over on an invisible object.

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