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Need some help making my hybrid Engineer build

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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Honestly I would not bother, the typical condi holo viper-geared with renegade runes is around 50% burning and 20% bleeding doesn't outperform condi berserker or condi firebrand (which have uses beyond just damage). There's a reliance on critical hits which is something condi firebrand is far less dependent on.

Your current setup isn't going to work well because you need crit chance that isn't present on carrion sets. A "hybrid" would be more akin to grieving setups with the Baelfire rune you picked out or viper's + renegade runes or berserker's rune. I would definitely run Solar Focusing lens though.

You also end up playing with pistols, flamethrower (flame blast , napalm), and bomb kit (notably fire bomb) most of the time which aren't amazing. Maybe the next engineer spec will have a proper melee ranged condi weapon, but for now I would advise against it. In the situations conditions excel because power burst isn't feasible the condi application of pistols, flamethrower, and bomb kit are unreliable.

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try this @"Cheshire King.6970"http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PewAwqplZwiYcsOGKO0L9vbA-zRRYmBxwGNczlRUJQgFgDziemRA-e

In short :i moved bleed dmg to poweryou have hight power,precision,feriocity nowyou have fire condi as support with 90% up timeFlamethrower insted of granades -> fire/power aoe dmgsigil buff you might (power+condi dmg same time)sigil full stacked mean your got 50% crit chancemoved some def trait to ofensive, so you will just kill mob x3 faster not needing that much sustaintooked boomer trait that will heal you once you cause explosion

Mistakes you did in your build :-> Super low dmg-> low number of power-> low number of condi dmg (my 40% of bleed duration is worth 100% of your bleed duratuion)-> low crit chance mean your not triggered bleed often-> not chosed food/utylity-> overtanked

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