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Unused real estate Accessories making more money for Anet


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Amulets Ring and trinkets

In the real world those are bling bling to show off in GW 2 it's just a stats' giver.

So here my suggestion what u done to legendary Accessories do with all of those slots. Add Accessories skins to the gem store and give the ability to transmute those slots.

How they are different from infusion effects ?They are different bcs they are combat only, they also don't need to stay the full duration of the combat they can get triggered at start and end for a second.

Those Accessories skins could be the same style as the legendaries already using or some short burst one's like flame/ demon wings or an Eye appear and gives u Power from above, no limits to fantasy even can go the cute route with cats since anet love cats.

Advantages for anet:can sell Accessories skins via gem shopMoney

ConsVisual clutter get bigger (but that depends also on what kind of design anet choose)

Anet need add a checkbox for turn off and turn on Accessories effects ofc.

It would in a way devalued legendary Accessories BUT if u look at legendary armor compare to gem shop that's not a big issue also gem store weapons slowly winning over legendaries.

Thanks if u like my idea anet welcome to ask for my PayPal


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I'd rather see them change exotic and ascended items. Set exotic to being only account bound like ascended is currently and set ascended to be able to change stats like legendary stat gear. Legendary gets the flashy effects, ascended would be for people who don't care about those effects but still want stat swapping and players who don't care about crafting can pass exotic gear between characters.

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