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Question about Break enchantments


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Don't forget that Revs skill [True Nature] which comes for free with Assassin stance Herald does up to 4k unblockable damage and remove boons.


In my honest opinion, unblockable stance attacks should not do much damage. They should be designed to either harrass or take you out of a block stance.E.G. picture if the skill kick, was unblockable. This skill would now serve a use as an anti block mechanic. Low damage, due to its unblockable nature.

Skills like Shadow shot, True Nature and many others, should not be in this game for the competative nature. I've seen these kinds of skills land for up to 6,000 damage per shot through a shield.

As for Break Enchantments, im really on the fence for this skill, its neither impressive or that fun to use, yet it can land in PvE for over 20,000 damage. That being said... that is for PvE where balance doesnt really matter that much (from the regard of open world roaming/meta events).For WvW, you'll remove some boons, Whoopie! They just got reapplied after you removed them. For PvP, same thing applies. They could have made this into a unique skill, causing a new debuff on another, shattering all boons applied for X time. The question then comes, should this do damage with what i said above about unblockables? Simple work around, make it a two strike attack, cause damage on the first wave, then cause the debuff on the second.

Shattered boons cause damage in a small AOE, to prevent Gw2's famous horrible play style, stacking as one blob.

Also.. when is headbutt going to get a rework... 50% more damage with stability.With the changes they made, they turned a released game into Beta, while also refusing to fix them for the last year.

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it does 66 damage because they cant give warrior damaging utility, they want to lock warrior dps behind weapon picking or else what can they do with all those weapons other than cannibalizing each other, tho its already cannibalizing..they are really dumbing down war utilities tho in result.

the irony when having access to the most weapon type is actually useless because you can only wear 2 sets and also having the least viable weapon..

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