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Macro policy clarification question

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I understand that the general rule for macros is "one keystroke per action", but what are the rules regarding mouse movement?For example, were I to use a macro to perform the following steps, would it be allowed? If not, at which step does the macro cross into TOS-breaking territory?The purpose of the macro is to automate certain parts of item discovery for crafting training.

  1. The information on the next part of the item to be discovered is placed into the user's clipboard by an external program
  2. The macro navigates the user's mouse to the search bar
  3. The item's name is pasted into the search bar(the ctrl-v is the one keystroke this macro performs)
  4. The macro navigates the user's mouse to the first result of the search(this is a fixed position on the user's screen)
  5. The user selects the item with a manual double-click(macro does nothing in this step)
  6. The macro listens for a double click, which cycles it onto the next item, at which point it repeats from step 1
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@some.9013 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:You can do whatever you like, but you risk action on your account.You will garner no more specific information, other than what is found in the Knowledge Base.

Good luck.

Is there really no way to contact devs about this kind of thing? Do they not post here?

Very rarely and why is something like this needing a macro?

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