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[Request][Skins][Collections][Mount] Mistforged Glorious Warclaw Skin

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This is a request for a mount skin that combines both aspects of gemstore and collections. The Warclaw currently lacks nearly the same number of skins as other mounts. It is also the WvW exclusive mount, meaning there are a large number of people who all have to use the same mount (but might want to have a different skin running around).

This brings me to what I'd like to request. WvW and PvP both have Mistforged skins. Both could be used to create an armored warclaw that draws on the design elements from the armor. I'd like to think this would be thematically appropriate.

Here is a link to see the skins I'm referring to. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mistforged_Glorious_Hero%27s_armor

However, I recognize that this might be better as a collection to unlock the full Mistforged (Glorious would be my preference instead of Triumphant, it is also thematically better with the Lion designs built into the armor) Warclaw skin.

So I'd suggest two tiers. A mount skin that is purchasable from the Gemstore (2k gems) that contains the "regular" Glorious/Triumphant skin. This would also unlock a collection involving PvP or WvW currencies to unlock the full Mistforged version.

It uses existing art assets, so there would be less art work than usual. Thanks for your consideration.

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