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EoTM grind questions


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I'm guessing it's already been discussed before, probably in separate topics, but there isn't plenty of updated stuff regarding EoTM out there, and I'd like a few directions. As we all know, EoTM isn't active that much, I'd even dare say that it's rarely active. Recently I've started grinding EoTM achievements, and I'm mostly doing solo thief capping. Most of the things I've found about solo caps are old builds (couple of years old). My couple of questions:

  • What's your way of solo capping Tytone Perch? I've tried with ranged DE build, applying torment, but I feel that either this cap point got buffed OR DE got nerfed in the meantime (compared to the video capping I watched). What build do you use for this one?

  • Same question goes for the Bell / Shrine cap points?

  • I'd like to long-term grind 1k mobs achievement, what solo build would you suggest for it? Most of the "tactics" I've tried aren't well suitable for soloing it, as those mobs hit the f* hard, got somewhat nice HP, and oh lord the stuns and dazes... and there's 5-6 of them in the middle. Haven't yet tried doing with DH / Core guard with popping heal signet and using traps, not sure how fast / if** they'd go down.

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they never got buffed, the tower lords @ EotM are just way designed way stronger than those on the Wvw maps i guess.

maybe the wvw infusions don't proc there, but they are tougher to solo i feel, yeah. on the regular maps (alpine + EBG) the lords are really weak, the red border ones are a bit tougher, still the dmg reduction from wvw-mastery and wvw-infusion comes handy there big time.

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