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Question to you guys: If celestial amulet was useful for ele why was it removed?


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It was removed after consistently getting nerfed too lol and it was also not useful right now on ele in spvp. It was plain garbage imho. We did have a cele ele meta a long time ago because cele gives everything: condi/power/healing/toughness and ele on dagger/dagger has a skillset which hits both a ton of power and ton of condi. Like Juggle said it got removed then reintroduced and then removed again. This time though, it was removed because of other classes.

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Sure, you wanted the bulk and versatility of this amulet on Elem may be more than any other class, it looked very attractive but in facts it's a lazy/hasty choice : with the nerf of Pyromancer's puissance ( the 10 > 6sec duration + this kitten Flame Expulsion with the lost of mights) and the nerfs of the overall spec and stats, power base and coef, healing, and burning duration, etc, Celestial Elem was kinda low anyway.

Celestial (or full celestial in WvW) is strong on classes with quick and permanent 20-25 mights (class spec, sigils, runes...) and of course hybrid specs and weapons; like revenant, necro and, in the past, Elem.The big Competitive Update in February 2020, and others updates this year, hurted elem too much (IMO elem more than any other, but may be i'm sentimental), celestial elem travelled from Strong/Okai to way too tight to compete.

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