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Community Games, Any thoughts?

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Welcome to Community Games [GAME]I have come up with this idea of playing Community / Social minigames.I hope you like it and if are interested please PM me.Any suggestions are welcome, This is still pretty early stages, but i have made some interest.


Everyday I see a lot of players standing around in major cities, not doing a lot. (AFK Maybe)Years ago some of my in-game friends and myself came up with some minigames for us to do while just messing around.Originally me and my friends just gave each other 2 gold, but it always got a bit competitive.With more players maybe could do a larger reward?

Representation is not 100% needed.Only when the Minigame is being played.

Games:Hide n SeekMap Treasure Hunt(Minigame suggestions are welcome)

RULES:Hide n Seek

Names will be placed in a raffle (10-15)Names drawn will be placed into MY Squad.1 Name will be drawn to Hide and placed into an OFFICIALS Party.The Hider has to do 1x emote before the timer ends.

Timer will be set:If Hider is Found, NO WINNERIf timer ends, WINNER

Jump Puzzle Routes are ALLOWED.Instances are NOT ALLOWED.

RULES:Map Treasure Hunt

Names placed in a raffle (10-15)OFFICIALS will be placed around the map randomly (Maybe myself included)Players have to look around the map to find a specified OFFICIAL I nominate.Found OFFICIAL will tell you the name of next OFFICIAL to look for.

1st & 2nd Place WINNER(2nd Place a Less Reward)

Map chat CAN be used.OFFICIALS CANNOT move.Jump Puzzle Routes are ALLOWED.Instances are NOT ALLOWED.

Like I said, Early stages, but if interested PM me.Thanks :D

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