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Carrion Burn Power


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Virtue's condi build variants is a bit "funny". It really comes down to whether or not a specific class is weak to Condi or not. If they're not, it won't work. The same applies for that specific build setup.

tl;dr versionThe reason core Valk Radiant build works so well is because of the increased retal uptime along with damage modifiers. On Condi guard, there's more uncertainty as to whether an Engi or Ranger is built for Condi Cleanses (they have builds that can still counter Condi) or if you're fighting a well-rounded Scourge. You can forget about Spellbreakers too. Power variants, the performance level is consistent with fewer margins for errors.

If half of the build's damage is lacking then the entire build is. If they're weak vs Condi, then the normal core burn burst would work just as well... if not better.

Off-topicFB was built to offer OTHER things other than being just a straight power or condi burst build. It's why we both hate and love the spec.. some showing more hate because, well.. it's not the selfish DH elite spec we're used to.

I understand and respect FB for what it is, I suppose.

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I ran a carrion burn fb/cor/ and dh with sword. It was ok, fun, but in pve sinister was better dps and in wvw I needed a bit more toughness.

In general though I like the sword core burn guard playstyle, it feels light and fast with the low cd port on 1h sword. Plus I just feel like sword and shield guardian feels like the D&D paladin I've always thought of when I play guardian, whereas FB with Mace feels like a cleric.

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