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My Renegde build

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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I play power rev instead of condi, so you'll probably want to test it on the golem, but, does sigil of accuracy do more for you than the sigil of blight? Blight is going to proc 21 times out of 60 hits (crit chance at 35%), versus critting 25 times out of every 60 hits (crit chance at 42%) with sigil of accuracy. So the question becomes are the stacks of poison doing more for you than the extra critical hits would? Also, are they any synergies with your traits that a critical hit would proc that would weight the balance in favor sigil of accuracy over blight?

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Replace Blight sigil on bow with Earth; Blight triggers around YOU, not the target.Take Vindication over Lasting Legacy; you'll see about the same personal Might, but your bombardments will hurt a whole lot more.Take anything over Glaring Resolve. Your stunbreak availability is contingent on floating 30 energy. And in PvE, the trait underperforms.Consider two or three pieces of Plaguedoctor gear; you're overcapping crit chance when at full endurance, concentration could help your boons, and both your heals have great Healing Power multipliers. Amulet and rings feel just right.

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