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Targetting errors and the Website bugs en route to post about them.

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Greetings fellow humans,

the option to snap a ground target to the current target works 10% of the time and sticks to the mouse cursor in any other event. This effectively makes this option entirely obsolete.

Perfectly engineered grenades beeing happily thrown all over the place would normally spark joy and evil laughter. They do not when I am selecting a target of choice I want to bombard while running away from its devastating revenge beeing hitting me in the face repeatedly and said grenades go wherever my now panicking mouse cursor may be at the time of trying to kill something before beeing killed. Non action camery, instant ground targetting skills active.

Now just to post such a minor inconvenience here I had to take a bit of a journey.

The Websites language bar is a bit of a puzzle to me. Fine you want to localize it to my IP, so be it , load the page right up in German all you want. Now I prefer to browse it in English so I click on that tiny DE icon up top right. Idk where you guys get your insights on drop down menus from but where I am from the current selected option is usually at the top with a drop down of additionally available options. This is definitely not me complaining about not seeing German at the top of the shelve but it is a bit weird for such a menu type to load like that.

All hard feelings aside and woop woop off to the English website we go. Okay, that worked, so far so good they say.Now there is nothing that says Forums... hmmm... where could it... AHHH it's not Guildwars just yet, just the Anet site: Our Games: Guild Wars 2 - Fine I'll click it. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF German again. Hello Language bar my old friend. Apparently your issues still persist. FINE... Oh there is a Log In button, allright. I guess I'll do it now, better now than never. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF German again. I KNOW WHAT I AM. Language bar my frie... language bar? Pal? Bro? Mate? Friend? Never Mind, at least I'll get to the forums at last: Foren. New tab again. Patience is dwindeling. FFFFFFFF nvm we were already on german. HELLO LANGUAGE BAR I MISSED YOU, you actually look much better now woah, hotty. English forums loaded. LET'S POST! Start thread button? OH. Login again... God give me strength....

Greetings fellow humans!

The contents of this post may have been written after repeated annoyances and may or may not contain passive agressive behaviour or bad humor.

Thank you for reading and ignoring like those dungeon bugs.

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