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[News] Gemstore items: new/returned/sales

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No change from yesterday 

No change from yesterday. 

Sale ending soon (less than 24 hours) Mini Garm 350 gems  Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy 400 gems  Mini Orange Kitten 400 gems Mini Scruffy 500 gems  __________ 20% off

NewHalloween package of Spooky Mounts: 1,600 gems.

FreeHallow’s Fortune Fireworks (one box)

ReturnedCandy Corn Gobbler Pack: 300 gems.[Each pack comes with a Candy Corn Gobbler and 15 pieces of candy corn.]Vibrant Dye Kit:1@125 gems5@500 gems25@2500 gemsWizard's Hat: 200 gems.Geomancer glider: 500 gemsRiding Broom: 250 gems

Available for 7 daysGhostly Outfit: 700 gemsGrenth Hood: 500 gemsPhantom’s Hood: 200 gemsFoefire armor package: 1300 gems.Shadow dye kit1@125 gems5@500 gems25@2500 gems

Two additional bag slots may now be purchased from the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 400 gems each. Each character can now unlock up to 10 bag slots at this time.


From Dulfy:

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NewRiding Broom glider: 500 gems (from Dulfy: https://imgur.com/a/JRwPU)Mini Elonian familiar: 400 gems (from Dulfy: https://imgur.com/a/wxkV5)Riding Broom minipet/glider/broomstick toy combo: 1000 gems

Available for 7 days onlyWitch’s outfit: 700 gemsFoefire greaves: 500 gemsFoefire Mantle: 500 gemsFoefire Wraps: 500 gems

ReturnedMetallurgic Dye kit1@125 gems5@500 gems25@2500 gems

From Dulfy

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Available for 7 daysMetallurgic Dye kit1@125 gems5@500 gems25@2500 gemsMini Elonian Familiar: 400 gemsRiding Broom glider/toy/mini combo: 1000 gemsPermanent Scarecrow finisher: 500 gemsBat Wings glider/backpack combo: 700 gemsHaunted Gramophone: 600 gemsDragon’s Watch Dye pack: 500 gemsCandy Corn Gobbler pack: 300 gems

New & available for 7 daysAwakened Zealot outfit: 700 gems. From Dulfy: https://m.imgur.com/a/QMEVcMini Choya Pumpkin Gang: 400 gems. From Dulfy: https://m.imgur.com/a/A9J5CDulfy site: Awakened Zealot outfit and Choya Gang mini

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New (requires PoF) Blog postReforged Warhound Mount: 2000 gemsMount Adoption License 30 Pack: 9,600 gemsContains 30 mount adoption licenses. Consuming a license will give you a random mountNew and available for 7 days only (requires PoF)Mount Adoption License: 1@400 gems. 10@3400 gemsGain a random mount from the Black Lion Stables. Right click to preview available mounts

ReturnedArcane outfit: 700 gemsCrystal Nomad outfit: 700 gemsFancy Winter outfit: 700 gemsShadow Assassin outfit:700 gemsAncestral outfit: 700 gemsImperial outfit: 700 gems

Returned dye packs1@125 gems. 5@500 gems. 25@2500 gemsCrimson Lion Dye kitJormag Dye kitPrimordus Dye kitTaimi’s Dye kitWinter Chimes Dye kit

Available for 3 days onlyConsortium Harvesting sickle: 1000 gemsDreamcleaver Logging axe: 1000 gemsFocused Solar Logging tool: 1000 gemsGlitter Bomb Harvesting tool: 1000 gems

Available for 7 days onlyElonian Introductory Package: 1800 gems

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