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[News] Gemstore items: new/returned/sales

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March: Daily Sales in the Gem Store

Take advantage of a sale every day in March! You can find the following items for sale this week, starting Thursday, March 1:

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[clears throat]

@"Astral Projections.7320" said:A reminder

This is not a discussion or request thread but a gemstore announcement thread. Please do not post to ask questions, make comments or make a request. If you have a question or wish to comment please find another thread on the same topic or make a thread. If you want to request an item please use the stickied Gemstore thread. Also, please refrain from posting to answer questions on the thread. I suggest you private message the person if you wish to answer them.


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NewBranded Mounts pack: 1600 gems

ReturnedWreath of Cooperation: 400 gemsFuzzy Hylek Hat: 200 gemsFuzzy Quaggan Hat: 200 gems

Sale ending soon (less than 24 hours)Glint’s Gaze Mask: 500 gemsSailor’s Beanie: 200 gemsXera’s Mask: 400 gems

Sale for less than 24 hours. 20% offSilver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic: 400 gems

Available for 2 days onlyDragon Mask: 300 gemsFuzzy Leopard Hat: 200 gemsFuzzy Panda hat: 200 gemsLion Mask: 300 gems

Available for 3 days onlyAbaddon’s Mask: 500 gemsIce Crown: 400 gemsSwaggering Hat: 400 gems

Available for 4 days onlyReading Glasses: 150 gemsShoulder scarf: 400 gemsTop Hat: 200 gemsWintersday Earmuffs: 25 gems

Available for 6 days onlyRiding Broom glider: 500 gems

Available for 7 days onlyBlack Lion Garden Plot Deed: 1000 gemsZhaitan Dye kit: 1@125 gems. 5@500 gems. 25@2500 gemsFuzzy Aurene Hat: 400 gemsPlush Aurene backpack: 400 gems

Other changesSix new, exclusive eye colors, one new female charr face, one new charr hairstyle, several new charr hornsBlack Lion chest has a update on its contentsBlack Lion Statuettes have an update on the available itemsBlack Lion Miniature Claim Tickets have different minis, for a limited time.

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Upcoming sales:

March 6—20% off Silver-Fed Salvage-o-MaticMarch 7—40% off Scarlet’s Grasp, Scarlet’s Spaulders, Toxic Mantle Skin, and Toxic Gloves SkinMarch 8—30% off Swaggering Hat, Abaddon’s Mask, and Ice CrownMarch 9—40% off Log-r-Tron, Mine-r-Tron, and Reap-r-TronMarch 10—20% off Shared Inventory SlotMarch 11—35% off Magic Carpet, Magic Carpet Glider, Riding Broom, and Riding Broom GliderMarch 12—20% off Balthazar’s Regalia Outfit, Grenth’s Regalia Outfit, Lyssa’s Regalia, and Dwayna’s Regalia Outfit

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Sale: ending in less than 24 hoursCharacter slot expansion: 600 gems

ReturnedButterfly Wings backpack: 500 gemsGlittering Wings backpack: 500 gemsPlush Quaggan backpack: 300 gemsReplica Job-o-Tron backpack: 500 gems

Available for 7 daysArcane outfit: 700 gemsFancy Winter outfit: 700 gemsForged outfit: 700 gemsImperial outfit: 700 gemsMursaat robes: 700 gems

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