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My Soulbeast Build

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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I'm assuming this is for PVE. I strongly advise running Taste for Danger instead of Oakheart Salve. In instanced scenarios you also don't want to use Soulbeast rune as it adds toughness ; I would run Krait , Mad King, or Afflicted rune (openworld the explosion helps a bit, but why play bleeding in openworld) as it is likely your build is 50% bleed damage and ~20% poison damage.

The number of situations where 5% incoming damage reduction and pitiful regeneration (zero heal power) is completely negligible compared to expertise gained from Taste for Danger that results in at least 5% condition duration.

Gear-wise I would probably run Viper over Rampagers. Keep in mind the chance for bleeding on critical hit is 33% via the trait even with 100% crit chance ; if you're on dagger or shortbow alike with a 50%+ crit chance under fury statistically you will proc Sigil of Earth. I would run Sigil of Bursting over Sigil of Blight as well.

Another thing to note is conditions have breakpoints (1133 for bleeding and 942 for poison ; for burning it is 655), running without expertise is actually less damage than 200 more condition damage in the case of bleeding. If you want a bursty condition class you should play condition firebrand.

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Power , precision , critical chance , and ferocity do very little to nothing in a SB condi build . I would concentrate more on toughness and vitality and less on power and precision . Shamans , Trail Blazers , Dires or Plaguedoctors would be a better choice . These will give you a much higher DPS than a combination of condition . expertise ,power and precision in your build . They would also add defence at no extra cost. Magnanimous Crystals would give an added benefit . Spiders , Iboga or Wyvern give an added benefit over Bristelback.Since fury does little without a high critical or power I would switch Vicious quarry to Light on Your Feet or Quick Draw and Live Fast to Unstoppable Union

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