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[Tonics] Non bound tonics that can't be stored in Guild Stash

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@Haaznahnuff.1907 said:Those tonics:

  • Halloween Tonic
  • Concentrating Halloween Tonic
  • Candy Corn Tonic

1) can't be stored in the Guild Stash.2) aren't said (per description) to be account-bound nor soul-bound.Note that these consumables are perhaps years old, and the guild sure is.

Is it because they are obsolete?

Just tried all 3 and I can store them in my guild without a problem?

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Though... knyd.jpegOn the screenshot, you can see my personal guild stash. Here, I'm trying with a stack of Halloween Tonics, and it's the same with the other 2 tonics. The frame is red as when I try to store bound items. I've tried with two characters in two days (and sessions). I have no issue with those various Halloween creatures tonics that have a new model of flask.

Thanks for your invalidations, anyway. I'll repair my client on next week, as it's the only issue detected so far. Until then, I'm at the Q&A's disposal in case it's a potential bug, and not a corruption.

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