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Solo OW: Rev vs Scrapper

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With the help of a kind player, I managed to sort out my engineer and now have a really badass chargineer scrapper.

While the person was helping me get the HP's, they mentioned that another option for the type of gameplay that I was looking for was Revenant.

I really prefer the bruiser, facetanking, almost immortal gameplay. I understand that this normally comes at the cost of lower dps, and I am fine with that.

So my question is aimed at the people who have played both scrapper and revenant(herald it would seem)... What is better/easier at solo open world? With my current life situation, and I can only play casually, so playing with other people is hard to do at the best of times.

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For hand health reasons, I've found the Rev to be much easier than the scrapper. With the changes to battle scars it is now easier than ever. Just run a power herald in full berserker gear with Glint + Jalis and the Thrill of Combat trait. You'll gain about 300 health per second by just attacking, +150 per target with vengeful hammers (max 450 additional), and an additional 150 per second with regeneration. Getting 600 health per second is enough to out-heal most encounters in the game.

Using a similar build (before the battle scars buff), I once face-tanked the Clockheart from the Twilight Arbor Aether Path. It is pretty good at playing solo, but it doesn't upscale well for organized groups.

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In short - Condi Herald is far more flexible.

It depends on what you mean for "solo open world". Without Champions - Scrapper or Rev, it doesn't matter and depends on your playstyle prefference. I really like Scrapper playstyle - fast (due to direct damage) and strong (full-berserker), and it is my second main character. But if "solo open world" for you is whole content with Champions (or Bounty) solo - no options, Condi Herald.

In other words, Scrapper is excellent choice for short distance, Condi Herald - both short and long.

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