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Conjure affecting only corresponding element


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Honestly i like playing only 1 conj. weapon and switching between the elements without changing the skills. Especially on Icebow and Earthshield i can always use the healing buff from the water trait. My biggest problem with conj. weapon is the 30 sec. For me the weapon are a good change from constant skill switching but still haveing the effects from changing my element. If i want to run around in Open World PvE with an earthshield, it need reaally much work and effort to have it permanent on me.

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As others have said, it is beneficial to attune to element according to your trait lines.If I have air and not fire, I would be in air for axe and greatsword.If I have water, any conjure can be used for regen.As a conjure heavy user, I even switch attunement to get several effect during conjuring time.

I would remove 2nd conjure, and lower recharge to 30s, 60s for greatsword.

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