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Targeting - Tips - Keybinds


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Hello! I play pvp using auto targeting but sometime when i want to disengage using a skill that make me move i run back on an opponent and it's super awkward.For some class like the ranger it's just impossible to play with autotargeting on if i want move on the map freely.So i was wondering if anyone has tips, keybinds concerning targeting it would be super helpful, thanks for your time.


It look like that for me. Maybe i should get used on using it, but before i wish to know if there is some informations i am missing about this. Thanks!

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Auto targeting will also mess up settings which advanced players use like retargeting. Basically sometimes players need super specific targeting to do what they wanna do, which also could just be kiting which is very important for players in tight situations and auto targeting while it may be convenient for other situations might result in an unavoidable death in others

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I played few games without auto targeting and in one of them i used a leap skill to disengage + a potion to gain superspeed and! I disengaged the fight safely and i successfully rez an ally. If i had played with auto targeting i wouldn't be able to disengage, and instead run back on my opponents and die!it makes a huge diff! Thanks for your answer ^_^

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