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Momentarily rooted if quickness is gained during animation of Volatile Magic Logging Tool

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When using the Volatile Magic Logging Tool, I've noticed that gaining quickness during the chopping animation doesn't really do anything. The harvesting is done faster, but I still need to wait for the chopping animation to finish. This is not the case if I e.g. use a normal logging axe, or if I swap the skin of the tool with that of a normal axe.

This makes quickness when harvesting logs with Volatile Magic Logging Tool mostly useless, since dismounting, gaining quickness and then chopping is way slower than chopping to dismount and gaining quickness shortly after.

See video with example:

From 00:00 to 00:06, showcasing quickness gained before chopping animation, works fine.From 00:07 to end, showcasing quickness gained after chopping animation starts. Node is harvested faster, but the player is rooted in place until the still slow animation finishes.

Sorry if this has been reported somewhere already.

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