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How much do you go for completion?


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Just curious. I try do do a lot. And in the past it was a bit hard for me. Since it is a bit compulsory/obsessive. But when I realized that I'll never be able to get all stuff (certain titles were only available in the past and certain stuff is only available for gems - which gets expensive if you want everything) I found it to be easier to just ignore something.

For the home instance I guess I will try go get every cat (I have most of them already) and all the nodes (not too much so it is still okay to buy some of the ones that are available for gems). (I got the expensive stuff from BLC chests for gold from the TP alrady.

Achievements I try to do most of them when going to a new area. (Later chars will only have to do map completion then.) Only some hard or grindy ones (weapon craft collections) will get ignored. (Though I might do them later when I have more time to spend. For now I am doing older stuff in release order until I reach the latest story content.)

Yeah ... minis and novelties I try to get most basic achievements and the stuff from vendors. (In living world seasons.) But the seasonal events ... I only slowly try to get them. (Much more expensive.) And some older stuff or stuff only from TP ... there is lots of stuff where I probably do not even know that it exists. Never really tried to list all and buy the cheap ones. Maybe one day. (Then going for the more expensive ones will have low priority. There is also mystic forge recipes you might only notice be checking the wiki.)

I don't even use minis. Novelties only sometimes. Still want to get a lot of stuff. :D (And by checking the map vendors it might be easier later ... when really mainly stuff is left that you can get from rare drops account bount or buyable at TP.)

Weapons and armor are probably the stuff where it is hardest (tons of skin sets and skins for each set) ... here I really mainly ignore it. Unless it is easy like certain PoF stuff. (Basic sets for trade contracts are cheap there.)

And I never buy (not planned) skins, novelties, minis from the gem store. Super rare exceptions: The glasses (nice as helm item, cause I usually have helms and shoulders disabled) and the witch outfit that I can use to help others to get the cat. Also used it for myself of course. (I think there should be more tonics at the gem store. Are there even some? Considering that I do not use minis at all. Using novelties sometimes ... there are some nice "toys" like music instruments. But I don't really remember having seen tonics in the gem store. Might sell not that badly.)

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I used to pursue things to completion because it gave me an aim. And I'd pursue it as close to 100% as I could get until lack of patience overcame the compulsion. The older I get, the more that lack of patience kicks in and the more I wander off the goal. A lot of it is driven by AP. I don't need any of the skins the game launches because my style per character is set now. I might get something as an extra to switch to every now and again, but that's quite rare.

Now I'm over 30k Ap and the content is becoming increasingly less enagaging, I'm less inclined to be completionist, even though I will always try and dabble in most areas of the game

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Pretty much what Randulf said, for me too. I completed all the Story Journal until Jormag Rising (then I gave up on that collection, that just requires gold), everything in General (apart from Tradesman and Explorer, again, because it just requires a lot of gold), all PoF, Hot and Side Stories because they were fun, like all the Festival related achiev. Basically I try to complete everything (if I'm able) but I leave all the achievements that are just money sink. I completely ignore minis and skins 'cause not interested (unless they belong to some achiev and are not very expensive).I like to have a tab fully completed, but I also realise that at some point there will be for sure some achievements that I won't be able to get, so leaving something here and there it's not a big problem. 100% is a thing. 99% or 90% is the same...

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