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Champion at end of Fields of Ruin DRM

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Fixed a bug in which the Incinerating Shock Wave effect applied by the Destroyer of the Third Fortress inflicted 20 times the player's health in damage rather than the intended 20% of the player's health in damage.

Thank you for the fix.

One of the primary issues with that attack was that the telegraph on the ground indicating the area where you'll receive damage was actually smaller than the damaging AoE. People could not be standing on that telegraph and still take damage from it. That damaging AoE also lingered after the telegraph disappeared. Was this resolved too?

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i have done 3CM several times today and can confirm the damage bug has been fixed and the area it hits appears to be accurate, dont forget a wave comes out at almost exactly the same time which would give the impression of a larger area. the damage lingering after the initial hit is still there but i believe that is as intended as the boss sets the ground on fire. from a mele perspective i wait for the fire to go down, can get in mele range, do a full dps rotation and get far enough away for the next set of pulses from the bosses attack. rinse and repeat (:

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Updated the Challenge Mode variant of the Incinerating Shock Wave skill used by the champion boss in the Fields of Ruin Dragon Response Mission. The telegraph for this skill should now match the radius of the initial impact. Additionally, the persistent fire-field effect is now enveloped by a red ring to denote the size of the damage radius. This skill has been updated such that the initial impact will deal significantly more damage. Don't stand in the fire!

Thank you for fixing this.

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