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New Legendarys Items/weapons?

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so i have been wondering about the new Expansion coming up soon. We are gonna get the new "Legandary Armoury" whitch is a really nice idea, but what about new Legendarys! I have been playing for some time now and have gotten all the Legendarys that i want and need. So my Question now is, are there gonna be new Legendary items coming up in the new update? Was really hopping for a new Mace skin.

your sincerely,

your friendly neighborhood Banner slave. :smiley:

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We have been given barely any info on the next expansion, only that there is one and it's set in Cantha. I suspect they did the initial announcement early because of all the complaining about Icebrood Saga, but now we have to wait until the time they would have announced it to get any actual detail.

At some point they should do a more in-depth announcement and then we'll know things like what additional features are coming with it, maybe when it's going to come out, if there will be any public testing which will let us see it early etc.

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