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Sunqua Peak 75 does not award "Daily Fractal" completion.

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As stated in title, the daily (generic pve) achievement "Daily Fractal" should be achieved by doing any single fractal. However, if one picks Sunqua Peak 75, this didn't happened (we got it when finishing next fractal).Don't know if other tiers award it, but it looks like the new fractal was forgotten to be added into the list of fractals that are eligible for this generic daily achievement.

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Dear Anet,I just did the Sunqua at T4 today and no chest appears after sorrowful spellcaster gives up. (1 bug)

Just about 2 days back. Also cleared Sunqua Peak at T4 and it was not marked done. I lost 4 chest. (1 bug)

Going to offer suggestions here regarding testing, please kindly have your testers equipted with AR150 gears or more to test out the Sorrowfull Spellcaster fight. Why is chest not appearing at end of fight, or not marked as complete in our Daily Fractals page.

The above bugs affects all 5 players in squad.

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