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Heal Scrapper - med kit skill 2 visual effects and other thoughts about this skill (PVE)


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Hello! How are you?So, since I started playing gw2 I wanted to find a support class that I would truly enjoy, and turns out it is Healing Scrapper, I just love to use med kit and spam healing on my allies.But I have a little bit of a problem with the second skill - bandage blast. I can't almost see them... and sometimes (actually most of the times lol) I totally forget to use it because I know it won't hit my allies, since it is not really a cone, but 5 fine lines ahead of you, furthermore it has a 1/2 seconds skill cast, which is enough to your ally just dodge the healing (and is not really their fault tho, everyone keeps moving in PVE modes). These things said, I want to know what do you think about this skill, I might using it wrong or just seeing problem where does not exist, but I think this skill need a few changes, especially on the visual effects, some blue glow around the bandages would help a lot already.

Also, I know...Healing scrapper "is not" a build for PVE, but I'm enjoying it, some Fractals party accept me and everything runs smoothly most part of the time :)

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Skill2 is amazing if you manage to hit somebody point blank, so that all of the "healing packets" hit one ally right in front of you. I use it as a spike heal, if somebody is particularly low, as 5*1.2k = 6k hp, which is more then some other healing skills.That said, I do think it's very wonky to use and hard land properly, I definitely don't rely on it to keep somebody alive, especially that people's moves are usually very erratic and hard to predict. Just stand directly behind a person, hope they won't dodge-roll suddenly and use the skill. Even if only 3 packets hit it's still 3.6k hp which is huge.I think this skill looks like it looks ("bandages") as a tribute to how medkit looked like for the first 4-5 years, when it literally dropped bandage packs you (or an ally) had to walk over to 'pick them up', akin to current rev's healing orbs you drop if you trait properly, and which nobody uses as well.

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