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Let us switch to other story missions without losing progress of Champions


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@Randulf.7614 said:Just so I'm clear and don';t fall foul of this (which was reported last chapter too).

If I take a character just starting IBS straight to the CHampions release, play through both and switch back to the start of IBS to carry on, will I have to redo the 7 DRMs again?It seems to be inconsistent. Some people seem to be able to play older stories in between, for others it doesn't save the progress in Champions.SInce Champions is technically one episode and we won't finish that until part 4, apparently progress can be lost if we exit the story. :/ But for some people it works fine? I won't try, unless it's really necessary. Don't want to risk having to replay every single DRM.

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Yesterday I switched from champions after I finished it to LS3 and then today I switched back to check, still have champions completed up to current point.The warning message did make me worried but it seemed to save it? Not sure if that's 100% though or if it can lose it over X time or in other scenarios. Seems to be at your own risk

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Can confirm that this is a thing. It happened to me when I went back to finish the last achievements I needed for the two /shiver emotes. To my dismay, Champions had totally started over. Even if you don't 'quit' the Champions episode, it counts it as a quit if you replay anything else in the downtime between releases.

I've been doing the DRMs again anyway since there's now an achievement for doing 20 of them (not to mention the community event dailies), but man has that been a pain in the spine.

I have several friends who can't stand the drip-pace of the Champions chapter who are being discouraged from playing in between releases altogether because this has happened to them when they tried to find other things to do while waiting for more content.

Does not feel great.

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