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I am a returning player who stopped playing shortly after HOT came out. I am looking for a pve guild focusing on Raids and Fracs, world content and the newer group pve (strike missions) content is a bonus! I am an HB main while also learning Firebrand Condi.
I have played a lot of fractals but never found a group to raid with. I am super eager and willing to put in the time to learn the content!Full ascended set for HB, still making my FB condi gear.Hit me up in game with questions. JaredCutter.4125

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Hi, Jared! Welcome back to GW2! I'm wondering if you might be interested in the guild I lead, Café Solidarity. We're a PvE guild that does regular Fractals and has a Raids And Strikes (RAS) Training Group that meets weekly. Our RAS group is a training group, but we're very organized (Discord Aleeva bot sign-ups, detailed guidance on gear/builds, etc.). The RAS group has downed all Wing 4 bosses except Deimos and is also working on Wing 1 (starting Sabetha this weekend). They meet Saturdays at 1:00 PM Eastern, and there's also a Friday night event to explore gear/builds/rotations and try out new things in the Aerodrome.

As for Fractals, one of our Baristas (our name for officers... play on the guild name, heh) is looking to start a regular Tier 4/CM group, and she's on the West Coast, too, so the potential times for that might line up nicely with you.

For more info on our guild, you can check out our recruitment post or visit our Discord, plus you can view our RAS Expectations. (I also sent you an in-game mail, just in case!)

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