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Ranger or Revenant?? For general overall everything


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Got really bored of my guardian and I want to concentrate on another main that is almost as versatile (dps or support).Ranger and Revenant seems the 2 classes that can do both well as they have Druid and Alacrigade for support other than general DPS.

Help me decide which one to main so I can go ahead and focus on getting them geared their proper build.

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I recommend Ranger for a bunch of reasons.

  1. Ranger has a relaxing playstyle in Open world
  2. Ranger has a pretty nice playstyle in PvP and WvW, but requires some skill, but is also pretty easy to grasp.
  3. Pub groups for Raid and Strikes for some reason NEVER field enough Healers. Everyone wanna play stuff like MAIN HEALER SCOURGE or something for a pug group and when people die they ragequit.
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Tbh both are good. I am a ranger main and played a fair amount of rev recently.

For open PvE both are really good. Ranger is better against one big enemy while rev shines against groups.

For endgame both are desired toons.For wvw: zerging go rev and for roaming id say ranger.For PvP rev has more builds afaik but both perform decently well.

So its up to you

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@phokus.8934 said:Alac Renegade is quite boring in fractals and raids. But the class is great in every game mode.

That's what I'm afraid of. This means when im playing group content, im more or less expected to be alac. I enjoy paluing strikes with me HB but my god is DH boring.....the same old spin2win combo since launch day

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  • 2 weeks later...

this has been my torment for the last 7 days. i returned to the game two weeks ago having only played a few months when the game launched.

i am purely pve. i may dabble in pvp eventually but that's not my focus.

I had a ranger in 2012 it was my main and I was into both aspects of the game but the pvp performance back then pushed me towards a mesmer. i boosted a necro to 80 with some expansion but only played a day. that's what I got.

I still can't decide. lord hizens poison ranger build is pretty slick but low damage and purely melee. the taimi fight in living world season 4 was a horrible experience with this build. i would prefer a double shortbow ranger build but am not smart enough about the game to know how this actually transitions from dagger/dagger, dagger/torch.

necro power reaper was likewise a horrible experience in living world 4 with all of the chain knockbacks of the awakened and being melee. i have tried condition necro both core, reaper and scourge. the scourge being a bunker playstyle does not appeal to me although it's tough as nails. condition reaper felt really squishy and the scepter feels clunky. you also lose a lot of aoe outside of shroud and the life force generation is anemic but the damage was quite good

the revenant had the easiest time with that taimi fight and unlike the above characters didn't get downed once being power bow sword/sword. however i miss boon stripping/corrupting especially vs the awakened and their persistent regen. it's also a lot more buttons. i frequently forget to press the button that gives me might for kalla stacks and her spirits are vulnerable to all of the cc living world 4 throws at you. i love the shortbow - it has a little of everything. i think the only way i can enjoy it is double bow, even with the annoying reflects from the branded.

so im in the same boat, OP. I want my old ranger back and I want to be as tanky as my revenant and core necro are, but doing so makes the combat itself suck and when you get to a certain point in toughness it seems mobs just ignore your pet completely. i don't know how i'm going to get a bristleback. want the pet, but HoT zones are known to the surgeon general to cause rectal cancer.

daily i waffle between the 3, have been for a full week now and today still cant decide even though ultimately and long term i will only be able to play one. I haven't tried a mesmer mirage yet i hear that's good, but i suck at dodging stuff.

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@kenny.7236 said:Playing Lord Hizen trailblazer condi soulbeast.

DPS is low & no aoe / cleave on shortbow.

High survivability when I need to solo champions. I also use it to do meta events like Drizzlewood Coast.

this was my finding too. i'm finding both a power and condition revenant to be just as survivable with substantially more damage.

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Im a ranger maini switched to rev for wvw reasons (>.<)rev has power/condi/healing/buff builds and u can mix them upfor endgame both are genarally quite aceeptedas for pve .... comparing my rev to my ranger is night and dayrev has ALL the boons , constant boons , autos that hit like ranger bursts , 2 heals ,one wich is full life reset , no anoying AIs agroing all the mobsi never looked back after picking revtbh .. i miss my maincurse you rev :(

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