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ANet, why are you sending the Champions announcement email to my level 3 alt?

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Addressing the email to a character still seems weird to me.

It's not as strange if it uses my main character's name, but only because I've used her name as an online pseudonym several times (Danikat is actually a mash up of both our names) so I've periodically gotten emails addressed to her for years. With anyone else my first reaction is "Why are you using my email address? Why are you getting email at all?" =)

It makes sense with in-game mail, but I think the fact that the email is otherwise out-of-universe marketing for the update makes addressing it to the character seem out of place. Especially when it's coming to my email address, not theirs.

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@TheAgedGnome.7520 said:

@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Emails are addressed to the last logged in character, I believe.

It seems to me that it wouldn't be difficult to write even a slightly more involved query than "SELECT TOP1 LAST_LOGGED_IN FROM...."

It doesn't matter what level your character is, it matters that it's the same account and that's the character you've decided to log into after the patch. It's an information for the player about the new content accessibility. Character's age is irrelevant and I don't think it should be relevant, because it's information for you, not for the specific character.

A trivial gripe, to be sure


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@"DeanBB.4268" said:How about, "Why are you notifying my core-only accounts that this content is available?"

I have no plans to ever upgrade my extra accounts.

Yeah, I know the answer is, "Because I signed up to receive notifications."

Yeah it's probably a combination of it being easier to send the same updates to everyone and hoping something in the emails will persuade people they want to play the new content enough to upgrade. Of course that's unlikely to happen when it's a second account.

(I'm also signed up twice, I'm not entirely sure why, but at least I didn't sign my free account up as well.)

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