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[Dynamic Event] Escort Gleranon's packheart to the Seraph Observers' camp

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Zone: Brisban WildlandsArea: Hidden LakeServer: Jade SeaEvent: Escort Gleranon's packheart to the Seraph Observers' camp

In case this may will help in finding the bug or designing a failsafe:

Issue: Event can't be completed under some circumstances, perhaps every time it is launched and the caravan is not properly escorted.

Description:1/ Arrived near the Seraph Observers WP, I am notified about this pending event, and the packheart is already in a tent at the Seraph Observatory. A marker locates a NPC to revive. Half way to this NPC (Valiant Gleranon), focus on this event is lost (too much a distance to the packheart, I guess). 662f.jpeg

2/ Once NPC is revived, he stays static until a spawning brigand kills him (again). Meanwhile, when closing by the Observatory, event objective has been correctly updated, because NPC was revived, but packheart won't move any further. czcx.jpeg

I figure that the packheart made it to the camp when the NPC died first time, and the distance between both is then too large for the event to resume correctly after reviving the NPC. Often, in similar events or quests, burden beast stay by the dead NPC (sometimes, they are butchered as well).Or consider that the packheart was successfully escorted to the camp, indeed, and terminate the event?

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