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Fields of Ruin DRM Inconsistency


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I'm really big on a lore, personally and I was looking forward to the Ebonhawke DRM because it was and will likely be the only engaging content regarding Ebonhawke in the coming years. Bangar's actions should have been a major a risk to the treaty, to which was acknowledged with dialogue from Smodur at the end of Bound by Blood. With the significant story changes for the leadership of the charr (sans Malice). There should be at the very least some dialogue about renegotiations or discussion of doing so once Primordus and Jormag are dealt with, at the very least. Not only do we not get that but we have Crecia pretty much stomping on the treaty with a statement of 'we all need to do better.' That is the most narrow minded, terrible view from someone who is meant to be a leader I've ever seen.

I take some offense to this idea that hundreds of years of conflict and loss and suppression on those of Ebonhawke can be hand waved after 9-10 years of peace. It takes at least a lifetime for things like that to heal. We don't have anything in the maps to signify how Ebonhawke has been able to expand or grow. Why does the DRMs have to be this poorly created instance, with in this case nothing significant other than Crecia and Kas (of all people) discussing the treaty only to toss it a side and be like 'the people just need to get over it.' What about Duke Samuelsson? Is there no one to actually speak for Ebonhawke itself anymore?

So onto the inconsistency, it's been mentioned at least once by the commander that it's been ten years. First of all the game is only NINE years old. If you play the personal story and run around field of ruins there is negotiations going on between charr and humans to discuss the ceasefire. Which takes place at the time the game launches. A ceasefire is NOT a treaty. A ceasefire is mutual agreement to stop violence so discussions can happen. A treaty is a concluded and formally ratified agreement. They just happened to toss that the formal treaty was ratified low key some years after the game launched. Exactly when and the extent of those details we don't know. So to say the treaty is ten years old is incorrect to their own lore.

I'm not a fan of the DRM content or the way they are ending icebrood Saga but this was salt in the wound.

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Okay, first of all: There's a little word called entitlement, it's a bad word, it's something we should try and avoid.

Secondly? They were forced to shift their focus to an expansion by NCSoft, ArenaNet didn't have a choice in the matter. They actually restructured their management to make sure this happened. So the team working on the Icebrood Saga is tiny. They're doing the best they can, but you're expecting too much from such a small team.

It wouldn't have been my first choice either. I don't agree with the executives at NCSoft, I think an expansion was the wrong choice—I think the game would've been healthier if they'd stuck with Sagas and gone to Cantha eventually as a Saga, at a much later date. This decision forced from above has likely resulted in crunch and a lot of unhappy workers. This is what happens when your company is owned by a publically owned corporation whose shareholders only care about their bottom-line: the profits.

Those at ArenaNet right now though aren't responsible for making the bad decisions of its original leadership. They're just doing the best they can in a less than ideal situation. And NCSoft is just trying to appeal to their shareholders by attempting to make Guild Wars 2 more profitable.

So, there's not much anyone can do.

I don't mind the Dragon Response Missions, mind you. I think they're fine. They're not as compelling as new zones, obviously, but they're fine. I enjoy them well enough. I'm kind of surprised we're getting as much as we are. Yes, it'll be nice if we get another map before Cantha, but I could understand if they were unable to make that happen.

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You are overlooking cultural and racial differences in outlooks, plus the fact those invloved have much more worldly outlooks and have far more important things to be focussing on in a time of critical emergency. This is discussed a bit here in a similar thread.


Yes, absolutely people needed to get over it. Humans and Charr are allies now. And Charr have helped before - see Lake Doric. They can sit there and hold old grudges - grudges the Charr moved on from - or they can burn to death from the Destroyers. There are bigger things going on in the World - Ebonhawke should be pretty clued in on that after Kralkatorrik attacked it in Edge of Destiny. I get that old hatreds die hard, but Kas tried to symapthise as best she could. Our Commander has seen death and destruction rain down across the Continent and it makes sense to have no truck with old grudges that have long since been settled.

The Destroyers were already invading. The time for debate is not during an attack. They can do that off screen later if they must. Crecia is also a military Charr leader. It would be been far more lore breaking for her to act in any other way than she did

There are sweeping problems in the DRM's, but this isn't one of them

As for the timeline, yes technically you are correct. But, given that the ceasefire led to the treaty and marked the beginning of hostilities being dropped between two opposing races, well it's largely semantics

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I have no real comment on the Crecia part because I can see both sides of the argument of how it's good and bad actions by a character. I do hate that they so nonchalantly replaced Smodur and Bangar without fanfare after promoting some voting to take place for players in the post-Episode 4 IBS (this expansion better be very damn good for the shit quality of Champions, tbh).

@"devanea.2041" said:So onto the inconsistency, it's been mentioned at least once by the commander that it's been ten years.

Not just once, but over three times, by all three main characters. This bugged me a LOT because as you point out, it's completely false.

First off, it's 1334 AE now, but the beginning of. The peace treaty doesn't have an exact date for when it was signed, but the cease-fire agreement to begin peace treaty talks began in 1324 AE. This is likely what's being referenced with 10 years, but it's false - it's still only just over 9 years, since it was signed in mid to late 1324 AE. But can round to 10, so that's fine.

The peace treaty itself was signed at some point while the Commander was off in Elona, as established by Guide to Greater Understanding collection, where the PC non-chalantly tells Xeniph "The treaty of Ebonhawke was signed." This came between S4E3 and S4E4, so in 1331 AE. In Season 2 (1328 AE), the treaty had notably not been signed yet; probably wasn't signed in Season 3 (1330 AE) either since Caudecus' faction was a major opposition to the treaty.

The cease-fire agreemenet is 9.5-ish years. Sure, round to 10, that's fine.

The peace treaty is between 3 and 6 years old.

I'm not a fan of the DRM content or the way they are ending icebrood Saga but this was salt in the wound.I'm not opposed to DRM. I actually like the style, but I feel it needs improvement - specifically, the concept is a good way to make replayability of story chapters worthwhile. But yeah, the lore for Champions is so far very lacking, and this particular DRM is seriously insulting to vets.

They're actively ignoring or throwing the rug over a lot of Ascalon related lore now, which GW1 vets would hold closest to them because Ascalon was a huge part of Prophecies.

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