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I finally reached rank 2000!


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I know this is rather random and self-serving, but finally after like 4 or 5 years of doing WvW (1st year only EotM, the rest EBG), I got to rank 2000! It has been a long term goal of mine, since before this you can only buy the legendary Mistforged chest piece if you are at rank 2000. So I do WvW seriously at first, then casually after a while, with this goal in mind. I didn't even notice I got to my goal until I got to level 2010 because I was too busy fighting a 40-man guild zerg with only 7 of us, and managed to get a 5 level boost from a kill xD

The game mode has really changed in the 5 years, most probably for the worse tbh, but I'm glad and happy I've at least completed this goal before the game dies off. I still do WvW if only to catch up with my guildmates and friends, and maybe to stay awake when I needed to remain awake for health reasons, but it's been more or less fun nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who I have met along the way, especially the JUST and TEA guild members who got me into WvW in EotM all those years ago!

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@"Balthazzarr.1349" said:congrats!

As you get up in rank you become more of a target. I wish I could hide my rank. Over 5k which puts me in mithril. I’m not a great player but when I play firebrand or warrior I get targeted in fights insanely. Insta downed a lot, lol But it’s still fun.

however that could also be simply bc of the class. people tend to target FBs alone bc they provide so much for groups. and nobody wants a warrior bubble against him, therefore u don't want to let any enemy spellbreaker get too close to you.

like, if u run with warbringer equipped and full mistforged armor, i noticed that people tend to focus my firebrand even more, but thats mainly because it shimmers like a christmas orb lmfao. people tend to target the squad leaders as well with strips/pulls and if they don't know who it is, the highest ranks get focused, obviously.

luckily warriors are nearly unkillable (at least the meta bubblesetter/healbreaker), firebrands also only die in really crazy dps.

@Mil.3562 that's the fun thing, it provides nothing but a title. u can always get ascended armor choice boxes. sadly the stats are usually totally bad, and changing them requires inscriptions that u don't get that easy. i get like on average 1 ascended chest every 2 months or so... like yeah, by time all your characters are fully geared up in ascended but for the amount of time it's a pretty garbage reward outcome.

i'm also going near level 2000 but i have to say that afaik the level requirements for the mistforged armors is 500 now, not 2k anymore ^^ anet changed that for kittens sake... making wvw more casual than it is yet.

like let's look at conflux...receipe:1 avengers emblem (100 kills only... as rather goo player getting 2k kills a week isn't even that crazy)1baby conflux (absurd amount of materials, 3 slot asc rings are waaay cheaper to just buy)1*alpha golem blueprint (super uncommon, nearly as uncommon as avengers emblem)250 dyes... = 250 skirmish chests... takes at best two weeks to get i think.

so summa summarum the hardest part for a Wvw legendary is pvE material farming. i had all the other things ready before conflux was even released, and i played since like 1,5 years at that time.

the biggest joke is that the ring costs only 1 avengers emblem, the only killrelated thing. not 250. (even a stack of them is not that hard to get.... over 300-400 players in EU do that every week)

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Gratz. I am at rank 228 only. But I only played from release until end 2013 and then back 2019 (and back in WvW only 2020) - and only mainly doing dailies and playing a few hours at the weekends after reset. To get wood tier chest from pips. (For the +1 pip in following week when you did wood tier the previous week.)

My main goal is to reach the rank where you can max all WxP masteries at one time in the future. But first there is soo much other stuff to do in PvE. And then I also play WvW (there finishing all the chests in each season).

If only it were easier to farm by playing defensive. Seems flipping stuff constantly gives the most WxP while killing players it depends on how long they were alive. (So defending against people that constantly respawn and try again is not efficient.)

Best to flip SM with WxP booster every 5 mins. :D (But not possible unless everyone agrees on doing this.)

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@Luthan.5236 said:If only it were easier to farm by playing defensive. Seems flipping stuff constantly gives the most WxP while killing players it depends on how long they were alive. (So defending against people that constantly respawn and try again is not efficient.)

Well, maybe escorting yaks should give a small XP. As well as reviving guards when a objective is under attack. I don't even res that useless rallybot Quartermaster most of the time.

If that's too abusable, then players should get XP every time a structure upgrades, if they participated in it somewhere. (obviously more for escorting 9 yaks then 1). Maybe you should get XP for having the first set of tactivators come online in a structure that you claimed.

Incidentally, killing players don't really give that much XP too. You even get more XP for killing the veteran creatures than a player.

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Thank you for the well-wishes! I did take a secreenshot at the 2010 mark xD

About the rank requirement change, I was aware of the change in requirement from rank 2k to 500 for the legendary chest piece, and for a while I was sorta mad about it since I was at 1.7k when that happened, which means I have been grinding for years for nothing. But in the end, I feel like the 2k mark is more of a personal goal now more than anything, so I stuck on with it.

@Luthan.5236 said:But first there is soo much other stuff to do in PvE.

Yeah, there's too many things you can do in PvE. Like, overwhelmingly many. So many things that are possible to farm, I don't think 24 hours a day is enough to cover them all if you are really going for it. Hence why I have abandoned all things PvE other than maybe Central Tyria mapping and a few AB meta here and there, and focus exclusively on WvW. Especially after the spoiler stories first in Lake Doric, then Drizzlewood Coast or whatever that charr place name is. Still miffed at how stupid the story turns out to be there.

At least WvW only has a few things that you can work on, and seeing how ANet pretends that we don't exist, I can just take a break for a few weeks, come back in, and see not much has changed.

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@ArchonWing.9480 well, but in groups u kill many players. if u use XP and celebration boosters, i'm sure that's fifty times more effective than waiting till a vet pepe spawns

like, in a good run u get 250-400 kills in 2-3 hours on medium effective servers open-voicetags on a damage class. that's at least 10 levels.

i didn't do the maths, but i was like rank 1900 ~ at least week of january and reached rank 2005 or so yesterday (after gw2efficiency). and i only log into wvw for groupaction anymore. i really don#t do pvE much. just started to do it more bc it gives so much more gold than wvw... and because when there are no voice leads, people usually don't follow opentags anyways. on full maps , gotta be lucky if 5 people join an opentag to defend sth even (yet 2025 easily flock around u then, just u never see who does what and where)

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