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I know what you're doing and I dont like it..

Legendary Grenth.3561

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I understand not making new maps, there's almost too many dead ones already.I get that LS 1 was a technical nightmare it was still pretty fun; and the team created solution players who missed the events using the visions of the past.

Dragon Response Missions (DRMs) are a half baked way of recreating a Season 1 "Map Changing" Experience without having to follow through. DRMs are not the answer to creating LS content in old maps, but what Anet can do is change the map, leave the currencies for it alone, and tie the DRM events into the new maps like you did with drizzle-wood with instanced Rytlock, and quest prompts.

From what we've gathered from the community in these forums and a good chunk of the player chat, no one likes or even cares about the DRMs.

Just commit to something atleast, we have LS3 story that's half cannon and half not, where are all the dead dragons influence on the new ones? I understand that we've been through so many Creative Directors and Leads, but whats the point of even investing time and money into the PvE / Campaign if the previous season doesnt even matter. We go from learning that Jormag and Primodius weaken each other so we should kill both at the same time, to "Lets side with one of them because it cant get worse."

So instead of half baking idea's with little to no follow through, commit to something. Quit being scared of your player base, you already have them invested and now you're dragging your feet and playing it safe at the same time. Learn from games that have a life span of 10+ years and embrace the community, delve back into previous seasons with lore and engage with theories... If you're afraid people wont understand why Destroyers go from red to green without playing the season, then put in an option to read about it or something.

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