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Launcher Loads ~350k Files Then "Download Failed....Check Internet Connect and Try Again(3)"

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First thing's first, I do have a way to bypass this but bypassing isn't a resolution. If I boot my computer in Safe Mode with Networking, then the Launcher loads the files correctly and continues on to the download and completes.But, I'd really like to work on fixing the root of the actual issue so I don't have to reboot my computer in Safe Mode to load every new patch, along with any other potential problems that could be created by whatever is interfering with the game when my computer is standard booted.

Things I've tried that don't work:-Disabling Anti-Virus-assertsrv etc-repair (never even makes it to repairing files)-uninstall/reinstall (game gets uninstalled and then the error makes it so that it can't be reinstalled from the setup executable)-Removed RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner-Running GW2 as Administrator-Restarting the router-Port forwarding all relevant ports

I am running the 64 bit version of the game. Windows 10. 32gb of RAM, 500gb of available hard drive memory, nvidia 1660 super with up to date drivers.

I've submitted a support ticket but I'm getting taken through the ringer on the basic "have you tried turning it off and on again" level responses.Since it DOES work in Safe Mode (with Networking), then I assume it has to be some program or service running that runs in a Regular Boot that isn't running during Safe Mode, or some other difference in settings or etc.I have screenshots of all the background processes and running services in both Regular and Safe Mode from the Task Manager, but there's no guarantee that the problem is even being caused by something on these lists so I'm not sure brute force trial and error is the right plan of attack.

Anybody have any ideas on what the issue could be? I'm going a little insane here trying to troubleshoot this virtually on my own here.

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