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EU Commander looking for WvW guild on NA server SEA/EU


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After 9 years of playing and commanding I took 1 year break cause my personal life has changed.

I had an amazing guild where i was proud guild leader but sadly had to disband it cause of my personal life.

Now i come back but only when I can cause of my schedule.

What am I looking for?

A guild that wants teamwork, willing to play classas what we need in bad situations.Communication is the key for more succesful fights plus it takes the weight away from everyones shoulder.

I am not intrested for running blob guild, only max 25+ regular 15+ even 10+ is perfect. The changelle is a lot more fun to fight the double size then us.

For communication Discord always recommand.

What can I offer as a commander?

I can teach you from unexperienced to experienced WvW member, teach you teamwork, fights, classes, hardcore fights, havoc, roaming even pvp.My responsable is to keep you alive long as possible and fun.If we lose a fight, we figure out as a team how and what we need. I always can learn aswell.

No fights? No worries, necro raid or other plenty ways to make it fun.

If you have any questions let me know.


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