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Rifle Engineer is unbalanced and not fun to play against


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well i'm scrapper main using rifle+flamethrower rank 1400

he hited you 21 times, while evry shot did avangarde 783dmg1 shot take 0,75s to cast, 0,50s if while quicknessmean he needed spend 16s spaming auto on you, to hit you over 21 times

look for egzemple how ranger attacks look like compare to itZ88r8qQ.png

Cuz of low dmg on rifle no one using it on highter ranks (until your forced to it), as holo do 4k dmg from his 1 autoSame as Scrapper Flamethrower 2-3k per his auto

so like rifle auto is bit meme tho

Also rifle can't shot tought walls/objectivesit's count as projectile so can be reflected/blockedit's easly dodged/out of range

Sorry to say that, but i asume your bronze-silver rank

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@"Dexay.1962" said:Just wanted enjoy a ranked pvp match today and again got a rifle engineer in the opposing team.He killed my entire team withing seconds.

How to solve this problem:

  • Rifle range from 1200 to 600
  • Reduce the damage by at least 30%

Many players would agree on that.


Is this the forum of GW2 that you rarely go to just because you're bored (and looking for content (short laugh)) to find just that one troll post that can't be taken seriously? I think I have found it. See you next week, or month, or ...

Rifle range + damage reduce = LMAO (this weapon was already executed some time ago)

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