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Constant Black Screens

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I’ve been in contact with support but every solution they’ve given me was fruitless so i thought i’d post here and see if anyone had a clue.

When i’m playing regardless of if its borderless fullscreen or actual fullscreen it causes my screen to go to black and then come back to the game like nothing happened. It’s extremely random my computers old but I’ve ran both gpu and cpu stress tests with no issues whatsoever.

Things I’ve tried:Opening PortsStarting In windowed modeRunning as AdministratorDisabling all overlays in programsDisabling all programs at start upUninstalling most programsReinstalling windowsReinstalling gw2Running the game as administratorRunning the game in compatability mode( with every iteration of windows )Reinstalling graphics card driversUninstalling my graphics card and reinstalling it in device manager

I constantly monitor my temps and nothing is in an extreme to cause any issues.

My pc specs are:I7-4790kGtx 98016 gb ram

Any insight on this would be extremely appreciated and if anymore information is needed i will provide it.

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