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Will we ever find out who built the Eye of the North?


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IIRC there is a comment somewhere in the lore that states the Eye resembles other divine structures in its architecture (similar to those in Arah, maybe?).

My thought has been that either the human gods or a group of their followers (maybe the Forgotten) must have built it long ago.

Edit: From the Guild Wars 2 wiki’s Eye of the North page:

The Eye of the North's origins are a mystery. All that is known of its origin is that it is not of dwarven, asuran, or human construction. It is said to resemble structures at godly sites, such as Arah. The norn of the Far Shiverpeaks were the first of modern species to discover the Eye of the North, and decided to avoid it due to sensing strange magic from it.

It seems likely it ties into the human gods’ lore. The sources cited on the wiki are a scene from GW1 and then a magazine article from 2007, so who knows what weight the latter holds. The ecology of the Charr was a magazine article (I believe) and most of that lore seems to have been abandoned.

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One of the many mysteries I was hoping we would find out during this saga.

Along with more lore elaborating on ancient Jotun society, the spirits, kodan, and pretty much everything else that got shoved out of the way in favor of Charr war.

Granted, they might have planned to dive into some of this and had to scrap it since pretty much said they started expansion development halfway through the saga. They might have had plans for it eventually.

Seers would be my guess.

Humans or human gods seem a little less likely to me. The existence of the scrying pool seems like it implies some other kind of magic to me, and having a race called "Seers" be responsible for something that allows people to see into the past or the future or whatever feels pretty on brand.

There's still so much we don't know about the races that existed on Tyria before the human gods arrived. Would have loved to dive into some of that in a living world release and am hopeful at some point in the future we may get more development on some of them. Granted the seers and the mursaat seem to be mostly, presumably, extinct now, and the Jotun are shadows of their former selves.

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