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[NA] OnlyBrands! FireBrand Only Guild - Crystal Desert WvW/PvE


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New Startup Guild!

OnlyBrands is the first Firebrand only guild in the Crystal Desert PvE/WvW Server. We offer a complete roster of Firebrands of varying degrees of skill, ready at a moments notice to assist you with your WvW Raids, and on occasion PvE. We run entirely on a donation based platform meaning you pay what you think we deserve. Everything is distributed to the individual Brands who help you as well as assist in the gearing of our membership. Your donations directly impact the quality of FireBrands on Crystal Desert.

Membership to OnlyBrands is limited to Firebrand mains dedicated to learning their craft, while constantly pushing the boundaries of the meta to improvise new and effective methods to secure the win.

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/qpze5AWmJQ

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