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Animated 3D Concept Art - Leave suggestions :p


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There's potential for making a nice serie of these ; each with their own theme and music ; For instance; each of the races of tyria (make one with multiple scenes with charr depicting aspects of their daily lives; their struggles; their adversaries; etc like it changes to the beat of the music. Theres alot of gw2 soundtracks suitable for any gw2 themed videoclips. (they dont need to last the entire soundtrack either; use a fade in and fade out for both audio/visual . Try to make prototype of about 1 min? see if you can handle that time/production wise; you could always make it shorter if it ends up being too much hassle.

For Visuals you could use the concept art Arenanet has already published its straight from the original source then (ofcourse you will need to be a bit creative with cutting the images and patching them up later when you use them as layers for the compositing (perhaps a bit of cloningbrushing)

If i had to give an recent example wich fuses music and visuals to the beat watch the link below; (its not really gw2; but it gives that medival/fantasy vibe. )

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