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Rytlock does nothing during Justiciar Adrienne fight (Confessor's Stronghold)?


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Just going through Confessor's Stronghold mission and it was extra brutal because Rytlock just stood around and did nothing. Enemies would not aggro on him and he would not participate in the fight. I have a bunch of screenshots of him just standing around enjoying the show.

All in all I am finding LWS3 utterly brutal, I even just build an entire new Exotic Soldier's set with Toughness and Vitality and still get downed in these fights (though it definitely doesn't help when my teammates don't help)...

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Okay, I'm now playing the next/final fight against the Jade Construct and Canach, Rytlock and Marjory are all just standing there watching. This is absolutely ridiculous. At least Marjory attempts to heal me when I get downed (while the other two continue to idle about) but... seriously?

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I don't see how one of the most bloodthirsty NPCs just standing there doing nothing is "as designed". I don't care if he deals almost zero damage as long as he's actually participating in the fight. It doesn't even make sense for him to say things like "let's lay the man to rest!" in anticipation of fighting someone, and then literally standing motionless, observing that fight he was just stoked for.

Not only is it a bad call immersion/story-wise, it's just not fun being constantly downed and being unable to avoid that no matter what. Even with high toughness and vitality, being outnumbered and shot at by a ton of archers, it's just grueling and an exercise in mitigating frustration.JYgMDQe.jpg

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