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[WvW] [SBI] [AoEs] Blast Red recruiting new and old


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[AoEs] is looking for new and experienced players who want to learn and improve as a group! We are a fight-focused guild that enjoys the competitive nature of WvW but we also like having a fun and relaxed atmosphere when we are on our way to the battle. No matter if you have been playing for years or just started the game last week, all are welcome. We have people willing to spend one on one time with new WvW players to help equip them with the tools needed to get the most out of WvW.

Looking For:Guards - Damage/SupportEngis - SupportNecros - DamageWarriors - Damage/SupportRev - DamageEle - Support ImmobMes - Support Strips

Raid Days:Sat: 5 est - WheneverSun: 5 est - WheneverMon 5 est - WheneverTues- No raid (Hit and Miss After 8 est)Wens - No raidThursday- No raid (Hit and Miss After 8 est)Friday - After 7 will be around till reset

Requirements:Voice Communication, we use Discord (Talking not enforced.)If online during raid, Attempt to be at Raid. (Isn’t heavily enforce)Use one of our guild builds. If you need a hand working towards it we would be more than happy to help you. We understand that new players may need time to acquire what is needed, no worries, we are here to improve as a team.DM me with further questions: Quickrain.4735/Carmine#6884

Things to keep in Mind:

1: We will fight outnumbered be it 15 v 50 or 5 v 50. Expect to fight and Die.2: We are fairly easy going and will mess with each other.3: When fighting. Running away before attempting is frown upon, We wish to grow as a group we expect everyone to act and push as such.

  1. Winning or Losing the fight isn't important, The act of how the fight is performed is important. (Expectations of course)
  2. Staying on tag is important
  3. We have Members spreading across servers. We ask that you respect everyone whos not on our current server. Examples: We have people in VNG/KnT etc...


  1. Wens Nights are game-nights for us. Like Among Us
  2. We run a Minecraft server. (Must be a Member)


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